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Exerhoop Hula Hoops feature in a Newshub article

Older entrepreneurs prove success

is possible at any age

Wednesday 5 Oct 2016 5:00 a.m



Sue Davies says age didn't stop her turning her passion for hula-hooping into a business (supplied)

Sue Davies says age didn't stop her turning her passion for hula-hooping into a business (supplied)


By Emma Brannam for Newshub Connect

Two Tauranga grandparents are proving author Mark Twain was right when he said, "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

Peter and Sue Davies have turned their passion for hula hooping into Exerhoop, a thriving adult fitness business.

"People say our success is down to luck," says Mr Davies. "I say, the more opportunities I look at, the luckier I get."

The pair, who are in their sixties, are part of a growing army of ‘olderpreneurs’ - people living longer, retiring later and rejecting the idea that enterprise is a young person’s game.

"It’s that maturity and passion to just do it,’ says Mrs Davies.

Age doesn’t hinder older entrepreneurs - in fact, it can help them.

"Older people who have had more life experiences, have a much broader perspective on a problem," says Professor Ngaire Kerse, the principal investigator from Brain Research NZ.

"Their response times are a bit slower and it’s harder for them to learn new things but their judgement and wisdom is better than young brains, so it’s a trade-off."

History has many examples of older entrepreneurs. At 65, Col Sanders was no spring chicken when he founded KFC, motorcycle mogul Guy Kawasaki was 68.    more.........



















The Technical Stuff:

   Unfortunately Hoop swing is all about Physics - that boring topic we liked so much at school!!!

   Gravity and the effect it has on Mass plus Friction is what makes a hoop work. 

   The heavier the hoop the greater the effect of Gravity and it falls down.

   The lighter the hoop the less Mass it has and it does not spin well.

The smaller diameter, the greater friction area on your body the more it slows down and conversely the larger the diameter of the hoop the less friction area it has on your body the less power you can apply and it falls down.

   For beginners and for exercise there is an optimum design size & weight for the hoop to be effective and Exerhoop Exercise Hulahoops are hand crafted to this optimum formulae.


   Hoops sold in stores often have a diameter smaller than 75cm dia

and are very light.

That is far too light and small for an adult to spin.

Most adults can spin a hoop with a 90cm diameter easily.

Exerhoop Hula-Hoops are designed specifically for adults, although we do have children as young a 5 & 6 years old successfully swinging our hoops - see the Photo Gallery


   The friction of the hoop against your body fights the force of gravity to keep the hoop in the air.

The tape helps increase the friction. Faster spinning is needed to keep a smaller hoop in contact with your body, your new larger Exerhoop Hula-Hoop can spin more slowly and still stay in the air.

   You may not be able to defy gravity with your Exerhoop Hula-Hoop for long on your first few tries, but the more you practice, the better you will get.

Soon, you will be shaping your waist, hips and thighs and strengthening your core with a calorie burning workout that is a whole lot of fun.

Don't forget to throw on your favourite music to make your hula hooping experience more fun - The Beach Boys are a cool, retro choice - and enjoy this new workout all year round.


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If you have any medical condition or are unsure that hooping is for you please consult your Health Professional first.

Grace Raven

- Hoop Dancer - Instructor - Performer

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