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       Travel Hoops: 


Exerhoop Travel Hoops are ideal for the individual who wants to take their hoop travelling or on holiday etc with them. The Travel Hoop can be 'broken' down into 2 pieces for ease of travelling, and Amazingly the 2 'halves' are designed to be joined back on themselves forming two small trick or juggling hoops. 

Exerhoop Travel Hoops are approx 904mm (35") diameter and approx 300gm weight and are designed to give more of a challenge to your hooping routine.

   The smaller Mini/Juggling Hoops are 450mm (18") dia and approx 150gm weight which will fit into most travel bags when coiled into the 2 mini size hoops.


   Unlike friction based joiners that could come apart during use, the Exerhoop Travel Hoop features spring loaded buttons that hold the 2 parts together providing a firm mechanical joint, which gives a positive join action and easy release. The smaller lighter size makes them ideal for tricks, off body moves, juggling are great for learning circus tricks and for Poi spinners wanting to transition to hoop tricks.

Many experienced hoopers select these Travel Hoops as their preferred performance hoop. Benefits of the smaller lighter hoops are that they more quickly raise your heart rate and, frankly, do not hurt as much when you smack yourself in the shin or head practicing some of the fun moves involved in hoop dancing.


Learn more about dance and tricks at our exercise page "Exercises"


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Travel Hoop

Vinyl Trim Range - $38.00ea.



Vinyl Trim


Vinyl Trim



Vinyl Trim


Vinyl Trim




Vinyl Trim



Holographic (Reflective) Tape Range - $45.00 ea


Blue Reflective

Pink Reflective

Red Reflective



Silver Reflective

Yellow Reflective

Green Reflective


Purple Reflective









The Technical Stuff:

   Unfortunately Hoop swing is all about Physics - that boring topic we liked so much at school!!!

   Gravity and the effect it has on Mass plus Friction is what makes a hoop work. 

   The heavier the hoop the greater the effect of Gravity and it falls down.

   The lighter the hoop the less Mass it has and it does not spin well.

The smaller diameter, the greater friction area on your body the more it slows down and conversely the larger the diameter of the hoop the less friction area it has on your body the less power you can apply and it falls down.

   For beginners and for exercise there is an optimum design size & weight for the hoop to be effective and Exerhoop Exercise Hulahoops are hand crafted to this optimum formulae.


   Hoops sold in stores often have a diameter smaller than 75cm dia

and are very light.

That is far too light and small for an adult to spin.

Most adults can spin a hoop with a 90cm diameter easily.

Exerhoop Hula-Hoops are designed specifically for adults, although we do have children as young a 5 & 6 years old successfully swinging our hoops - see the Photo Gallery


   The friction of the hoop against your body fights the force of gravity to keep the hoop in the air.

The tape helps increase the friction. Faster spinning is needed to keep a smaller hoop in contact with your body, your new larger Exerhoop Hula-Hoop can spin more slowly and still stay in the air.

   You may not be able to defy gravity with your Exerhoop Hula-Hoop for long on your first few tries, but the more you practice, the better you will get.

Soon, you will be shaping your waist, hips and thighs and strengthening your core with a calorie burning workout that is a whole lot of fun.

Don't forget to throw on your favourite music to make your hula hooping experience more fun - The Beach Boys are a cool, retro choice - and enjoy this new workout all year round.


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If you have any medical condition or are unsure that hooping is for you please consult your Health Professional first.

Grace Raven

- Hoop Dancer - Instructor - Performer

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